How do I update Garmin Nuvi 255w

Garmin Nuvi 255w Gps update

Garmin Gps Map is use for Navigation to reach destination very easily and without any hassle. In 2020 Garmin Nuvi 255W is part of Garmin’s affordable line of smart GPS devices. Despite its relatively lower price compared to the company’s high-end models, the Garmin 255W still manages to include important features such as voice navigation, picture viewing and a built-in battery for portable use.

In addition to it, Garmin continually updates the device’s operating software to enhance your user experience. However, if you want to take advantage of these device upgrades, you just need to download and install the software updates through Garmin’s WebUpdater program. Also, it becomes mandatory for the user to install the exclusive Garmin Express as well to download the updates at an ease.

Ways to update Garmin Nuvi 225W in 2020:

So, if you are a regular user of Garmin Nuvi 225W, you may need to follow the below-mentioned steps that will help you to update your device at an ease:

  • At first, you have to connect your GPS device to your computer using a USB cord. Only after that, you can update your Garmin Nuvi.
  • Download and install WebUpdater on your system if necessary.
  • As mentioned above, make sure that you have hooked your  Garmin Nuvi 255W to your computer using the Nuvi’s USB cable.
  • After that, you have to Run WEB UPDATE.
  • Choose your Garmin Nuvi 255W from the device list on WebUpdater.
  • Allow the WebUpdater to search for software upgrades.
  • Tap “Yes” when prompted to download and install the updates to your Nuvi 255W.

Once, you are done with the above-mentioned steps you can experience completely hassle-free navigation to your destination by using the newly installed updated map on your device. Also, in case if you want to learn more about the specialized GPS device you should feel free to visit our website.


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