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GPS devices are earning both name and fame with the exceptional features that can surely uplift your vehicular performance within a particular period. Moreover, the disclaimer and cancellation policies of such impressive devices have broadened the knowledge horizons of a wide variety of customers in making the right choice while purchasing the devices from the GPS service providers.

Auspiciously, the groundbreaking features introduced by the top-notch navigation companies in their GPS devices are letting various truckers, car-drivers, and other commuters hit the roads (they prevail) in a very impressive manner. In this article, I have demonstrated the navigation functionalities of various GPS devices (most preferably Garmin and Magellan). Furthermore, you will also find the problems you may face while installing the updates and solutions to fix them.

Groundbreaking features of the trendy GPS devices

The available GPS devices (the Garmin GPS device primarily) have kicked out other GPS providers from the competition. Just review the functionalities mentioned below: –

  • Reduces the daily stress faced by the individuals while commuting between unknown territories through the correct routing paradigms.
  • Automatic re-routing by the smart and efficient navigation system in case your car is not finding an optimal exit way from the unexpected hurdles (like twists and turns, roadways, new streets, and localities).
  • The Geo-fencing feature of the Magellan GPS device creates a virtual boundary of the available farming portion. This boundary can aptly calculate the field size so that farmers can decide which portion of the field they can use for cultivation and which portion for keeping the flocks?
  • On-screen navigation alerts generated by such GPS devices deliver accurate information about the locations of various blood banks, fueling stations, restaurants, nearby amenities, tourist attractions, and other point-of-interests.
  • Various fitness freaks, travel enthusiasts and professional golf players prefer to use such gadgets either to track down the activities like running, walking, playing (Golf) and traveling to coastal regions of Europe.

These award winning functionalities can track your vehicle down across the Globe. Now, I am going to explain the problems that you are facing while downloading such Gps updates:-

Problems you may face while downloading such GPS updates

Apart from the discussed-above features, you might face these problems at times you prefer to download the map updates of such GPS providers. While downloading the GPS updates (of Garmin and Magellan), you might get stuck with the mentioned-below hindrances: –

  • The Internet Connection you are using is not catching proper signals from the service provider. Consequently, the connected GPS devices will not synchronize with the server properly which is essentially important in searching the compatible Garmin Map update.
  • The navigation button of such GPS unit models is not in a working state. Due to this, your current spot will not be captured by the satellites revolving around the earth’s orbit 24*7 and hence, the updated street views and the associated localities will not be tracked.
  • The storage memory of such tracking devices is not sufficient, while not only leads to improper installation of such compatible updates but also affects the working prodigy (performance-oriented functionalities) of the navigation device discussed above.

Note – Take the utmost Advantage of the onscreen Navigation prompts displayed by the updated Maps of Garmin.

Now, the time has come to discuss the most prominent solutions that can fix the repetitive occurrence of these issues. For this, you must read the below section carefully:

Solutions that can fix the repetitive occurrence of such bugs

Whenever you face the above issues with the GPS devices you are using, all you need to do is perform these solutions actively: –

  • In case your internet connection is not working properly, you must check the arrangement of wires. If required, you must restart the modem. Later on, switch off the GPS device for a few moments and then, switch it on later. Now, it is for sure that the GPS device will connect with your network (either wired or wireless).
  • At times you get stuck with the navigation issue, prefer to turn off the navigation button of the corresponding GPS devices and after a few seconds, turn it on.
  • There are times when the update’s file is large (approximately in Giga-bytes). To download them, it is highly recommended to bookmark the most visited places that can be located offline. Moreover, you must delete the unwanted map files or insert the additional SD card inside the device’s slot.

Note :– Know about the disclaimer policies of the Gps Updates released by Magellan.    


GPS maps are gaining popularity across nations (including India) with the exceptional results they deliver with the accurate and most up-to-date information of the demographics. Additionally, one can travel long voyages at rotational timings fearlessly with the updates released by Magellan and Garmin. In case you are interested in knowing about the process to install their updates, don’t hesitate in visiting our informative web-portals via the search engines you prefer to use the most.

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